Exciting events are planned for future meetings of Feisty Fit Females. More information will be available as the dates approach.  For current information, please send an email to Connie Carson at and your name will be added to our electronic membership list.

Our presenter for Feisty Fit Females for April 30th will be Chelsea Harding.  As a certified oncology aesthetician,  she is trained in how cancer effects the skin and the side effects cancer treatments can have on your skin during chemo and radiation ... and for years after treatment is completed. There are several modifications that need to be made during a facial after you have had cancer to protect your health. That's where an oncology esthetician and a regular esthetician are different. 

At our meeting, she will share easy affordable tips to healthy and comfortable skin! She will teach you and demonstrate how to do a mini facial at home. We will go over good/bad products and she will give you info on what to look for in a personal care products. She'd love to answer your questions and help anyway she can! 

Please check out her website for more information on what HUMBLE SKIN is all about.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Other events for the coming year include fencing .. yes... fencing!  and hopefully a presentation by one of the staff of Oncology Rehab.  If you have any topics you would like to be addressed, please contact Connie at I look forward to seeing you at the next session!