Exciting events are planned for future meetings of Feisty Fit Females. More information will be provided as the dates approach. For the most current schedule, send an emai to Connie Carson at and have your email address added to our electronic membership ~ for free.  In March, Pam Braun, Los Angeles chef and restaurteur, and ten year survivor of Stage IIIc fallopian tube cancer, shared her new book, The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook. It's a fabulous cookbook with an eating plan and 225 delicious recipes.  

April 24, 2014:   Mary Shea, Wellness Coordinator at Porter and Littleton Hospitals and Project Coordinator for CREATION Health, will be the presenter at the Thursday, April 24th meeting of Feisty Fit Females.  She and I have been friends and colleagues for decades and I know her presentation will be wonderful.    CREATION Health revolves around 8 principles for whole-person health and living life to the fullest.  CREATION is an acronym for Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook and Nutrition.  You will see that embracing one letter of CREATION Health can have an impact on the other letters as well.  Mary will demonstrate this with her presentation.    Mary has been at Porter for just over 20 years.  Previously, she worked part-time at a Denver law firm with the emphasis on Criminal Defense. She’s a Colorado native and just put a contract on a lot in Central City (expected finish date June, 2015).  She has 2 kitties, Fungo & Bond.

May 29, 2014:  Janice Earhart, incredible artist, inspiration-extroadinaire, and author will talk about life coaching and her iZoar company. She's been a speaker before and we love her!  June 26th - there will be no meeting.  July 31st will be especially interesting as Ann Martin will lead us in a gong bath.  Watch for more details!